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PURPOSE: To prevent a picture from being unbalanced due to the dispersion of IC, resistors on a circuit by incorporating a variable resistor to apply picture balance between pseudo gradation and simple binary picture. CONSTITUTION: In case of simple binary gradation, a changeover switch 4 is thrown to the left in figure, the threshold value is changed by a contrast variable resistor 5 to obtain a desired picture. In case of pseudo gradation, the changeover switch 4 is thrown to the right position in the figure and the contrast variable resistor 5 varies the threshold value the same as the case with the simple binary gradation. The basic contrast adjustment (brightness adjustment) is executed by the contrast variable resistor 5 or a balance variable resistor 6 acts like the contrast variable resistor 5 similarly and it is possible to adjust the contrast by varying the balance variable resistor 6. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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