Manufacture of ceramic substrate


PURPOSE: To simplify alignment by simultaneously securing a connector pin and sintering ceramics by forming the pin at a ceramic green sheet, inserting it into a through hole coated with conductive paste on the inner face, and sintering it. CONSTITUTION: A through hole 2 is opened at connector pin mounting positions of green sheets 1A, 1B, and the inner surface of the hole 2 is coated with conductive paste 3. Then, wiring patterns are printed with conductive paste 4 on the sheets 1A, 1B. The sheets 1A, 1B are laminated, a connector pin 5 is inserted into the hole 2, the sheets 1A, 1B are sintered, and the pin 5 is simultaneously secnred. The sheets 1A, 1B laminated with the pin 5 at the upside are placed on a sintering base pin 5 and sintered in a furnace. The sheets 1A, 1B are integrated to form a ceramic substrate body 1 by the sintering, the paste 4 is simultaneously sintered to form a thick film wiring pattern. Thus, the alignment of the pad to the pin is simply conducted to increase the strength of the coupling section. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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