Forming method for far infrared radiation heating element


PURPOSE: To simplify an integral job between a heater and a body as well as to get rid of any requirement for a large scale heating device or the like by using such one as capable of improving a far infrared radiation effect, for ceramic material, and molding it together with a platelike heating element as one body without baking it. CONSTITUTION: After a platelike heating element 2 is set up in a forming die 1, the admixture 3 made into paste form by mixing a coagulant for ceramic coagulation and water in powdery ceramics far infrared radiation material is poured into the forming die 1 and naturally hardened, whereby a far infrared radiation heating element body 3' is solidly molded with the platelike heating element 2 in an unburning manner. Accordingly, integration between the body 3' and the platelike heating element 2 can be done at the same time by having the specified admixture 3 coagulated and harden and the body 3' formed. With this constitution, there is unnecessary to do any baking work and, what is more, it becomes unnecessary to do any setting and joining operations on the heating element at any separate process apart from a forming process of the body, thus simplification in a manufacturing job is well promoted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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