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PURPOSE: To prevent deviation in the adjustment state of an optical path and to accurately read the picture of a writing medium even if distortion occurs in a case by means of an external force by fixing a frame holding a light source, a reflecting plate, a converging part and an image sensor inside the case. CONSTITUTION: If a motor 12 is driven, rollers 14 and 15 are rotated and the writing medium 13 is rotated when the picture on the writing medium 13 is printed, the picture illuminated by a fluorescent lamp 25 is reflected by a mirror 29, is converged by a wide angle lens 35 and read by the image sensor 36, whereby the read data is printed by a printer 18. The case 1 has a flat shape and its rigidity is insufficient. On the other hand, the fluorescent lamp 25, the mirror 29, the convergence part 32 and the image sensor 36 are held by the frame of high regidity. Thus, deviation in the precision of picture reading can effectively be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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