Television set


PURPOSE: To display a certain predetermined still picture in a screen and to use the picture as an in-house ornament by providing a video signal storage element and connecting it to a TV circuit for broadcasting reception, and providing a change-over means. CONSTITUTION: In a ROM for video to be used as the video signal storage element, one-picture share of video information to be displayed in the TV screen is stored, and the element is inserted in the TV main body and connected to a parallel/serial converter. This parallel/serial converter is connected to the TV circuit via a D/A converter and the change-over switch SW, and from the TV circuit, a timing control signal is transmitted to the video ROM. Also, the SW switches a signal from a turner with that from the video ROM to input to the TV circuit. If the SW selects the video ROM, the video stored in the said ROM is displayed in the TV screen as a still picture. The TV thus displaying the picture can be used as an interior ornament. Also, RAM can be used as the storage element and can be used for displaying a timer or calendar. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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