Refuse collecting hopper of refuse disposal facility

  • Inventors: TEZUKA KENICHI
  • Assignees: Nkk Corp
  • Publication Date: November 08, 1988
  • Publication Number: JP-S63271018-A


PURPOSE: To eliminate bridges by conveyer transportation by disposing baffle plates on the inner side of upwardly expanding chute plates which extend from side plates disposed on both sides of a refuse moving conveyer, and alternatingly staggering the baffle plates between the two chute plates. CONSTITUTION: A hopper has vertical side plates 12 on both sides of a refuse moving steel conveyer 11, and upwardly expanding chute plates 13 extend from the top of the side plates 12. Each chute plate 13 has inwardly oriented triangular baffle plates 14, 15, and the baffle plate 14 on one chute plate is staggered with the baffle plate 15 on the other chute plate. Ordinary combustible refuse which is fed is broken up by the baffle plate 14 disposed on the refuse feed side, and further broken up by the baffle plate 15 disposed on the opposite side to be surely dropped onto the conveyer 11. The refuse on the chute plates collide with the baffle plates 14, 15, and moves on as it meanders relative to the conveyer line of movement. The refuse is pushed forward by refuse which is fed subsequently, breaking-down bridges. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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