Tread ply for tire and its production


PURPOSE: To improve the life of a tire for aircraft or the like by winding a continuous metal cord many times in a waveform in the peripheral direction of the tire so that the phase of the waveform section is staggered for each round. CONSTITUTION: A tread ply 8 is formed by winding a metal cord 9 many times in the peripheral direction of a tire while drawing a sine curve. In this case, the phase if the waveform section 10 of the cord 9 is staggered in sequence in the peripheral direction for each round. According to this constitution, sharp cut end sections of metal cords are prevented from being aligned in parallel on both sides of a tread in the width direction, the tire rubber layer is prevented from being broken by the tread ply, thus the tire life can be extended. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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