Connection system for input/output device


PURPOSE: To prevent a logical contradiction from being generated by providing a remote channel part with a display showing asynchronous interruption is in process and serializing the collision between the asynchronous interruption and actuation. CONSTITUTION: This system is provided with a circuit for storing information indication that a remote channel is interrupted asynchronously together with the interruption address. The actuation from an input/output control part 3 to the address is discarded and the input/output control part 3 when accepting the asynchronous interruption to the actuation address from a remote channel part 4 indicates the in-use state to the interruption and reports that at the time of actuation, and also informs the remote channel part 4 that the asynchronous interruption is reported completely, thereby resetting the display showing the asynchronous interruption is in process. Consequently, the asynchronous interruption is prevented from being ceased. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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