Concentration of aqueous organic solution


PURPOSE: To separate azeotropic organic components easily and at low cost by a system in which an azeotropic mixture solution is separated through the first liquid evaporation process, the second separation process using a gas separation membrane and the third distillation process of gas mixtures containing a high percentage of water vapor in that sequential order. CONSTITUTION: Ethanol solution is evaporated by the first evaporator 1. The gas mixture consisting of evaporated ethanol vapor/water vapor thus obtained is heated to 130°C by a superheater 3, and this heated gas mixture is supplied to the primary side of a gas separation membrane 4 from a line C. Then, the secondary side of said membrane is decompressed, and the permeating mixed gas is supplied to the second evaporator 5 from a line E. An effluent mixed gas from the top of the evaporator is condensed by a cooler 6 through a line F, and the condensed product is returned to the first evaporator 1 through lines G, L. The non-permeating ethanol vapor in the membrane is recovered through a line D, while water is recovered from the bottom of the second evaporator through lines H, K. Vapor separation becomes feasible because of the vapor supplied instead of an aqueous organic solution for separation by the membrane. Separation of organic mixture is easy because it is supplied to the membrane is the state not liquid but gas. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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