Correcting device for horizontal multi-joint robot


PURPOSE: To realize an automatic correction test of a robot by preparing data so that the error of each part can be analyzed in a job where the robot puts its tip pin into a hole. CONSTITUTION: An inserting pin unit 2 attached at the tip of a robot is put into a measurement board 15 having plural bosses showing clearly the hole positions in terms of a three-dimensional way. Thus the hole position data are substituted for measurement of the robot tip coordinates. An inserting pin 20 is not fixed at a robot tip 10a and supported by a renear guide 17 via a spring 19. Thus, no collision is produced between the torque of a motor and its own reaction at a position where insertion of the pin 20 is through. As a result, the pin 20 can be inserted even in such a state where the vertical positioning servo is applied with a Z axis. In such a way, the correction data can be fetched with a perfect automatic operation after a robot is once put on the board 15. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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