Monitor system for repeater


PURPOSE: To monitor the state of respective repeating at inservice by providing a monitoring part in the respective repeater of a cable transmission system, and transmitting the monitored value to a monitor station through a supervisory circuit. CONSTITUTION: The monitoring parts 1-5∼n-5 are provided in the repeaters 1∼n respectively, and the monitored value is transmitted to the monitor station through the supervisory circuit 10. As for the detection of a signal error rate in a repeater output in respective monitoring, the output of the repeater is inputted to error pulse detectors 21, 21' through transformers 20, 20', and when the pulse of a case that they come not to be inverse alternately, is generated, the said pulse is detected, and the count value of it is sent to a microcomputer 25, and the signal error rate is obtained from the count value during prescribed time. As for the current measurement of a feeder line, resistors R1, R2 are inserted in the feeder line, and voltages at both ends are A/D-converted and sent to the microcomputer 25. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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