Ink ribbon for production of dry-type transfer material


PURPOSE:To markedly enhance thermal transferability to a surface poor in wettability, add a thermal sensitivity enhancing agent to a transferability-controlling layer and enable transferring with low energy, by providing a transferability-controlling layer having high heat-sensitive adhesiveness, hardness, viscosity and cohesive force on an ink layer to impart pressure-sensitive adhesiveness to the ink layer. CONSTITUTION:A transferability-controlling layer 13 provided on an ink layer 12 has viscosity, heat-sensitive adhesiveness, hardness and cohesive force higher than those of the ink layer 12 under thermal transfer conditions. Since the adhesive force is enhanced at the time of thermal transfer to a base sheet used as an object to which an image is to be transferred, thermal transferability to a surface poor in wettability is enhanced. Also, since cohesive force, viscosity and hardness of the layer 13 are set to be high, defective transfer such as collapse and spreading of images is effectively improved. At the time of pressure-sensitive transfer for transferring an ink image (transfer image) to a second object, a predetermined ink image can be transferred in a body without leaving a residual ink, a beautiful image free of spreading or missing of the transferred ink can be obtained, and the transferred image can simultaneously be protected firmly.




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