Heat pipe roll


PURPOSE: To prevent the thermal deformation of a winding roll and the occurrence of trouble such as the breaking of a steel strip wound on the roll by cutting plural grooves in the inside of the roll in the axial direction and sealing a specified molten metal in the space in the roll so as to form a heat pipe roll. CONSTITUTION: Plural grooves 21 are cut in the inside of a roll in the axial direction, a liq. alkali metal 22 such as Na, K or Li is sealed in the space in the roll by 1W10% of the volume of the space and the resulting heat pipe roll is placed as a winding roll 4 for a steel strip in the vacuum deposition part of a continuous vacuum deposition apparatus. When the steel strip having a vacuum deposited film is wound on the roll 4 and transferred by the rotation of the roll 4, heaters 5 are set at the outside of the roll 4 to heat the strip. The part of the surface of the roll 4 kept in contact with the strip is slightly heated and the remaining part kept in noncontact with the strip is heated to a high temp., producing a temp. difference by which the roll is thermally deformed. The temp. of the roll 4 is, however, made uniform by the movement of the molten metal 22 in the roll to prevent the bending of the roll due to thermal deformation and the breaking of the strip. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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