Magnetic reproducing device


PURPOSE: To correctly and rapidly search by comparing a current frame with a prescribed frame at the time of searching for controlling so as to reproduce the video signal of the prescribed frame and switching the travel mode of a magnetic tape according to the difference. CONSTITUTION: When a search mode is selected according to the operation of a controller 300, a frame code FC is supplied to a CPU 51 from a decoder 63 and written in the buffer part of a RAM 53 as the current frame. Then, at the time of reproducing the video signal of the prescribed frame, the current frame is compared with the prescribed frame and the travel mode of the magnetic tape T is switched according to the difference. For instance, when the difference is large, a high speed tape travel mode is obtained and when the difference is small, a low speed tape travel mode is obtained so as to effectively obtain the frame code. Thereby, the search can be correctly and rapidly carried out. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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