Home controller


PURPOSE: To eliminate an erroneous input and an erroneous action by setting the combination of the number of times and the time to contact a special input scope provided at a touch panel with a finger, comparing the combination and the input from an input means and controlling equipment when both are coincident. CONSTITUTION: It is judged whether or not a finger 4 of a user is brought into contact with a touch panel 2, and at the time of the contacting, in the same way as a hand-written character input, the fetching of the coordinates, which are the contacting position of the finger 4 of the user, is repeated. Here, when the user correctly carried out the contact with his finger 4, namely, when a special input scope 6e is connected twice in a row within 3sec, the fetching of the coordinates which are the contacting position of the finger 4 of the user, is repeated in order to judge whether or not a next contacting is executed. When the dust and insects in a home are stuck and contacted to the touch panel 2, it is ordinary that the contacting of two times is not executed within 3sec. In such a case, an abnormal input is considered, the return is executed to an input waiting condition from the touch panel 2 and an erroneous input is prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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