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US-2002035014-A1: Reshift control system for automatic transmission patent, US-2002035069-A1: Use of ribose supplementation for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat in humans patent, US-2002035233-A1: Preparation of flame-retardant advanced epoxy resins and cured epoxy resins patent, US-2002035341-A1: Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with fluid compartment equilibration patent, US-2002036200-A1: Method and apparatus for producing power for an induction heating system patent, US-2002036389-A1: Bicycle pedaling power unit with leverage shifting patent, US-2002037090-A1: Image marking with pixel modification patent, US-2002037649-A1: Method for carrying out planarization processing patent, US-2002038027-A1: Intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors and methods for making HIV-protease inhibitors patent, US-2002038644-A1: Arrangement for mass balancing a V-type internal combustion engine patent, US-2002038882-A1: Electrically erasable, programmable, non-volatile memory device compatible with a cmos/soi production process patent, US-2002039536-A1: Cylinder pump, an ink jet printing system using the cylinder pump and a photograph assembly having the printing system patent, US-2002040902-A1: Pressure monitoring arrangement for heating system of a convection cooking appliance patent, US-2002041390-A1: Digital image-forming apparatus patent, US-2002041911-A1: Resin encapsulation mold patent, US-2002042192-A1: Shower head, substrate treatment apparatus and substrate manufacturing method patent, US-2002042999-A1: Multiple pin sight for an archery bow patent, US-2002043208-A1: Crystal growth method patent, US-2002043342-A1: Plasma generator patent, US-2002043479-A1: Increasing production in hydrocarbon conversion processes patent, US-2002043833-A1: System comprising a cover fastened to a support by means of self-gripping elements patent, US-2002043835-A1: Device for regulating the movement of the folding seat of a chair patent, US-2002044518-A1: Recording medium loading apparatus patent, US-2002047173-A1: Semiconductor device, semiconductor electret condenser microphone, and method of producing semiconductor electret condenser microphone patent, US-2002047542-A1: Exposure system patent, US-2002047588-A1: Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method patent, US-2002047753-A1: Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication apparatus including the same patent, US-2002048464-A1: Electrophotographic device patent, US-2002049913-A1: Interception system and method patent, US-2002050006-A1: Prevention system and preventing method against infectious diseases, and apparatus for supplying fluids patent, US-2002050077-A1: Footwear with visible, replaceable cushioning cassette patent, US-2002050242-A1: Tire patent, US-2002051134-A1: Fringe analysis error detection method and fringe analysis error correction method patent, US-2002051607-A1: Optical waveguide, optical module, and their fabrication method patent, US-2002051919-A1: Apparatus and method for forming a toner image with low toner pile height patent, US-2002052505-A1: Process for the preparation of 1,5-dideoxy-1,5-imino hexitols from oximes or imines patent, US-2002053166-A1: Sliding panel for longitudinal and lateral movement in a frame structure patent, US-2002053319-A1: Solution treatment method and solution treatment unit patent, US-2002053558-A1: Method for welding silicon workpieces patent, US-2002054837-A1: Reformer patent, US-2002054898-A1: Sprayable insecticidal compositions having enhanced efficacy patent, US-2002055328-A1: Apparatus for transferring poultry carcasses patent, US-2002056144-A1: Transgenic animal models for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof (screening) patent, US-2002056540-A1: Structure for cooling power driver unit for automobile patent, US-2002057929-A1: Development station for a reproduction apparatus patent, US-2002058022-A1: Novel compounds patent, US-2002058333-A1: Method for continuously proceeding organic material and an apparatus for conducting the same method patent, US-2002059736-A1: Method and apparatus for precision axial free end play adjustment of tapered bearings patent, US-2002060905-A1: Socket patent, US-2002061447-A1: Battery electrode, production method thereof, and battery patent, US-2002061498-A1: Methods and apparatus for assessing and improving processing of temporal information in human patent, US-2002061625-A1: Method of manufacturing a metal oxide semiconductor device patent, US-2002062197-A1: Apparatus and method for remotely powering-down a wireless transceiver patent, US-2002062639-A1: Steam cooling apparatus for gas turbine patent, US-2002063565-A1: Arc fault current interrupter testing device patent, US-2002065481-A1: Nerve stimulator output control needle with depth determination capability and method of use patent, US-2002066478-A1: Photovoltaic module and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2002066621-A1: Elevator information and advertising delivery system patent, US-2002066639-A1: Bowl diverter patent, US-2002066764-A1: Safety lockout for actuator shaft patent, US-2002067487-A1: Adjustable chromatic dispersion compensation patent, US-2002067750-A1: Electron beam pumped semiconductor laser screen and associated fabrication method patent, US-2002067812-A1: Technique for linking telephony and multimedia information patent, US-2002068760-A1: Insecticidal and miticidal compositions patent, US-2002068951-A1: Doppler directed suture ligation device and method patent, US-2002068996-A1: Robot arm patent, US-2002070821-A1: RFI filter for a frequency converter patent, US-2002071128-A1: Endpoint detector and method for measuring a change in wafer thickness in chemical-mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers and other microelectronic substrates patent, US-2002072709-A1: Needle assisted jet injector patent, US-2002073028-A1: Electronic money holding device and electronic money automatic payment method patent, US-2002074143-A1: Door bell junction box patent, US-2002074230-A1: Plating method and apparatus that creates a differential between additive disposed on a top surface and a cavity surface of a workpiece using an external influence patent, US-2002077603-A1: Sealing valve assembly for medical products patent, US-2002081164-A1: Machining tool for machining workpieces patent, US-2002081696-A1: 32529, a novel human guanine nucleotide exchange factor family member and uses thereof patent, US-2002081933-A1: Mask frame welding jig and method of using same patent, US-2002082431-A1: Process for the preparation of N-carboxyanhydrides patent, US-2002083094-A1: Method and apparatus for annotating widgets patent, US-2002084268-A1: Structure of ventilation motor assembly in microwave oven patent, US-2002085069-A1: Cmos/mems integrated ink jet print head with silicon based lateral flow nozzle architecture and method of forming same patent, US-2002085866-A1: Heat fixing member, heat and pressure fixing apparatus, and image formation apparatus patent, US-2002086754-A1: Pulley ball bearing and pulley patent, US-2002086941-A1: Low cure powder compositions for heat sensitive substrates patent, US-2002088106-A1: Device for positioning a component receptacle unit of an automatic placement machine for printed circuit boards patent, US-2002088209-A1: Dirt cup assembly for vacuum cleaner patent, US-2002088236-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling nitrogen injection into gas turbine patent, US-2002090649-A1: High density column and row addressable electrode arrays patent, US-2002090835-A1: Methods and materials for depositing films on semiconductor substrates patent, US-2002092332-A1: Motor vehicle antitheft system comprising improved latch bolt retaining means patent, US-2002093849-A1: Thin film magnetic memory device capable of easily controlling a data write current patent, US-2002094336-A1: Nucleic acid fragments and polypeptide fragments derived from M. tuberculosis patent, US-2002094916-A1: Elevating apparatus of an exercise treadmill patent, US-2002094982-A1: Fungicidal combinations comprising glyoxalic acid methyl ester-O-methyloxime derivatives patent, US-2002095729-A1: Original foot free pillow patent, US-2002096651-A1: Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor patent, US-2002096858-A1: Bicycle balancing system patent, US-2002097565-A1: Radio apparatus unit and radio apparatus housing patent, US-2002097775-A1: Heat sensing device for thermal and skin burn evaluation patent, US-2002100745-A1: Ethching method patent, US-2002101471-A1: Ink-jet recording apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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